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Carefree into the future with kindervorsorge.me!

Child care is based on three phases. The basic phase, the availability phase and the pension phase. The duration of the basic phase is freely selectable for up to 60 years. Subsequently, the Authorization phase starts. Then you can choose between different payment options. Lump-sum compensation, monthly pension, transfer of shares or a combination of all. The pension phase is 100% guaranteed for a maximum of 40 years. You also have better delivery options. And all of this is available in the Kindervorsorge.me package.

The investment term is your best friend

The sooner the building of capital starts, the higher the return. Here's an example:


A) Start at the age of 40, € 40, - per month. Upon retirement, you will receive either € 25,000, - as a lump sum or € 70, - per month pension.


B) Beginning with 0 years, € 40, - per month, at retirement you get either € 350,000, - as lump sum or about € 800, - monthly pension.

How much should I save monthly?

This should always be in line with your own household bills. One thing is certain, you should save what money you have left over. We are happy to help you determine the optimal amount to save. It is possible to start from € 30, - per month.

The advantage is that you can always make extra PAYMENTS, if your budget allows. In these cases, you can also choose the exact nature of the investment.

What does my child get and when?

Your child has a number of options on how to handle the capital. Apart from the lump sum at the end of the term, they can also:

  • be paid a lifetime pension,

  • transfer the investment, or

  • PARTIAL AMOUNTS can be paid out before and during the pension

How is my money invested?

The child care scheme creates its capital with different Investment strategies. You can decide which strategy you like most.

  • Dynamic

  • Balanced

  • Conservative


The inverstement strategies are combinable, and you can also define your payments differently.

Worth mentioning:

On top of everything the child care is:

  • Capital Gains Tax (kest) and income tax exempt

  • No annual surcharge

  • No extra charge

Children's bonus € 1,500 is legally extended.